June 21, 2018

Shifting the baby weight and more…

So I have had quite a few people ask me about my weight loss so i thought it might be helpful to give an overview of what i have done and continue to do. For anyone that knew me before Noah would know i wasn’t a skinny girl. I weighed around 11 and a half stone and sat between a size 12 and size 14 clothing. I really did struggle with my weight trying shake meal replacements, every crash diet I came across on google, regularly attended the gym but still never managed to be happy with my size. During my pregnancy with Noah, i piled the weight on and why shouldn’t i? In my mind it was the one justifiable time to not have to worry about what i ate… even if that did include a few cream cakes, several McDonalds in one day and my guilty pleasure of an entire pack of chocolate digestive biscuits every day! Guilty as charged!

So by the time by 9lb bundle of joy arrived, I weighed 12 stone 12lb and struggled to get into my size 14 jeans. With a new baby in tow, sleep deprivation and surviving on caffeine and sugar, I knew I needed to make the jump and find a diet that suited me and my family. Enter… slimming world!! As with most mum’s on maternity leave, money was pretty tight so I decided to follow the plan from home, with the support of a few Facebook groups along the way. (I had been given the slimming world book but i also found some available on eBay if anyone is interested.) If you haven’t tried slimming world, i honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. It fits around my family, meaning i don’t have to cook separate meals for everyone which is ideal when you struggle to cook even once some days!!!

I followed slimming world plan by diverting slightly with the use of flexi syns. For anyone who isn’t familiar with slimming world, ‘syns’ are a term used for anything that isn’t classed as free on plan. They advise a maximum of 15 syns a day so, for example, a small glass of prosecco is 5.5 syns (brand dependent, of course!) I’d use either none or the bare minimum number of syns during the week and be naughty and save them for the weekend. Like a lot of parents, I’m a sucker for gin, prosecco, wine, vodka, beer, just anything alcohol related really! I’m also a massive foodie and love a cheeky kebab! So I’d let my hair down for one day of the weekend and give myself that break I’d been craving all week and enjoy my takeaway and a few bevs! Note: slimming world consultants would probably not agree with this method but it’s all trial and error. What works for me might not work for you! It just kept me so much more focused in the week knowing that I would get my treat day.

It took me around 4 months to lose 2 stone and the other year or so have been slow losing the final stone but I have genuinely enjoyed my journey. I never felt like i was on a diet, nor did i feel like i deprived my body of anything. I’m now weighing in at 9 stone 12lb and maintaining through loosely staying on plan and going to the gym 2/3 times a week. I will admit I have bad eating weeks that consist of a few takeaways but if i put any weight on, the following week i’ll go back on plan to shift it again! It is a really relaxed way of dieting. I’m also keeping the weight off through exercising, a general work out for me at the gym includes:

I think what also helps is a general active lifestyle, manically running around after a toddler and spending lots of time outside enjoying family adventures. As I continue to blog my weight loss journey, I’ll add work out tips, recipes and updates along the way because if i can do it then anyone can. Also more than happy to help if anyone has any questions. I’ll keep you posted.

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