June 25, 2018

10 things I love about my parent pals…

I always read so many posts about needing your ‘mummy friends’ when trying to survive parenting and trying to retain at least a little sanity. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without my parenting pals. Before i had Noah, my social group was heavily dominated by males because i try to avoid a life filled with drama and bitchiness. So since having Noah, it has been really nice to have not only mum friends, but dads too! So here are my 10 reasons why i love my parent pals….

  1. Friends with children just seem to get it. They accept when you’re pulling your hair out because your toddler has had their 875th tantrum of the day, because you haven’t let them jump off the back of the sofa.
  2. They get when you’re tired, emotional and generally feeling like a shitty parent because you just don’t know why the babies crying.
  3. They understand the excitement of the milestones: their first taste of food, learning to walk and not thinking you’re a weirdo when you cry the first time your child refers to you as ‘mummy.’
  4. They’re the social network that you shared your biggest journey with. The highs, the lows, the 4am poo photos you post on the group Whatsapp because, ‘this is what colour his poos meant to be, right?!’
  5. They don’t judge you when you have a crisis and share a glass of wine together mid afternoon. Or that you’re home by 8pm because you clearly can’t handle your booze since your 9 month abstinence.
  6. You know too many gross secrets about me to not be friend with anymore. From discussing post-partum bits and bobs, to comparing how much it hurt to have a wee after giving birth! (Yes, it really does sting like a bitch!!!)
  7. You never judge me when i feed my child quavers at 9am, never get mad when i cancel plans and love my child as if he was part of your family.
  8. You never get bored of me talking about my child because you appreciate that such a small person can completely consume your entire life. You never roll your eyes at the conversations about tantrums, potty training or that time you’re fairly sure you pissed yourself a little at trampolining, because they’re always talking about the same things anyway!
  9. You’re always on hand with emergency snacks, baby wipes or a spare nappy after you’ve used yours up from your toddler having their 5th shit of the day!!
  10. Finally, you really do stop me feeling lonely. Despite the fact you are never physically alone after having a baby, mentally it’s a pretty lonely place. You keep me feeling connected to the world, cheer me up on my hard days and help me to teach my child how to share and play with your child. I hope that one day our children are as good as friends as we are!

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