June 28, 2018

Finkley Down Farm Review…

On Tuesday, we had the best day at Finkley Down Farm in Andover. As a busy full time working mum, I really try hard to make my days off with Noah as special as I can. Maybe it’s to try to ease my mum guilt for leaving him so much and maybe it’s because I absolutely love our adventures together. I’m always looking for new attraction suggestions to take Noah so if you have any let me know. One of my close mum friends lives in Andover so suggested trying Finkley out.

We had the most beautiful day for it which meant applying sun cream more often than breathing, boring myself with ‘keep your hat on’ comments and wanting to consume my entire body weight in ice cream. When we arrived at the farm, we were greeted by warm and welcoming staff that offered us animal food to enhance our experience and maps so we could find our way around.

The farm itself was surprisingly a lot bigger than I thought and included so much. From soft play, to a giant sandpit, animal handling experiences, sheep racing, trampolines and so much more!!! Despite this there’s still so much space for little ones to run wild. I’m currently battling with a child that likes to constantly run in every direction possible. I mean he either really enjoys the exercise or he’s desperate to run away from me. Either way I spend most of my days legging it after him if I even take my eye off his for a split second to blink.

We spent a lot of the day visiting the animals and helping to feed, groom and cuddle them. Although Noah is quite timid around animals at the moment, the staff were really understanding and patient, so Mummy took one for the team and did most of the animal handling on behalf of Noah. Visitors had the opportunity to groom ponies, hold snakes, reptiles and rabbits and feed a selection of other animals too!

There is a lovely small cafe on site too that has been decorated beautifully and looks like a little enchanted forest. Although I didn’t eat in the cafe, the food looked and smelt amazing and the prices were reasonable for this sort of attraction. We enjoyed our picnic on one of the many benches around the farm that were protected with umbrellas to keep the kids in the shade.

In the afternoon, we excitedly watched sheep racing, jumped like kangaroos on trampolines, said hello to the owls and tried out the parks to burn off the ice creams… which may I add were incredible! I’m a sucker for a good ice cream and the supply at Finkley did not disappoint… think Noah enjoyed his too!!!

We stayed in total for 6 hours and we could have easily stayed longer as we didn’t even have enough time to do everything! There was an amazing indoor area with soft play for all ages of children, a building block area and ball shooting zone which I think is probably enjoyed by the parents firing at each other more!!! It’s great that there’s so much to do whatever the weather. Couldn’t recommend Finkley Down Farm more, it was a fantastic day out and great value considering everything they have to offer.

An added bonus, which I’m sure every parent will understand, was the 30 minute journey home in absolute silence while Noah napped… pure bliss! Safe to say he had an absolutely brilliant day as he continues to learn and develop through play which is massively supported by establishments like Finkley Down Farm.

*My visit was kindly gifted by Finkley Down Farm but the opinions are my own and Noah’s face sums up his enjoyment!

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