July 27, 2018

Feeding your baby, however is right for you!

I’m always reading so many articles about breastfeeding and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely salute woman that do or try to. My sister and best friend are two woman whose breastfeeding journey is admirable. However, there really isn’t a huge amount of bottle feeding advocates out there. No one really stands up and says I chose to bottle feed my baby and do you know what, it’s really sad! No woman should be ashamed or embarrassed about choosing to bottle feed. No woman should have to justify their choice by saying they tried or couldn’t. No woman should ever feel guilt if they were unable to or simply didn’t want to breastfeed.

Your baby. Your choice.

As a woman you do not want to be judged for how you choose to feed your baby but in this modern era we still are. It begins in hospital with the midwifes trying to get your baby latched onto your nipple at the first opportunity given, to the judging looks by the elderly woman in the cafe when you’re mixing your babies bottle up. It is just not right. As mums, we give ourselves such a rough time over everything and don’t need the added pressures of being judged on our feeding choices at an already emotional and challenging time. So please keep your opinions to yourself.

I now have a healthy and thriving toddler that has never had an ounce of breastmilk. He’s hardly ever ill as predicted by people that say that breastfed babies are more resistant to illness. I felt our bottle feeding journey was just as beautiful and in some ways it was even more special because his Dad could enjoy that special bonding time too! It allowed me the time I needed to rest and recover postpartum and there was no greater feeling than seeing Noah and Neil’s bond grow as he fed him to sleep.

I’ve tried to remain fiercely independent since having Noah and loved that I could nip out to the shops, go out for an evening or return to work without worrying about how I’d feed the baby. I know a baby is obviously a huge commitment but I didn’t feel ready to give up everything and breastfeed him. I gave up my body to grow him and gave birth to him so it was a welcome break to be able to share some responsibility with Neil now. Plus it meant that I could sleep longer than 4 hour slots which for a new Mum is nearly unheard of!

You still enjoy those special feeding moments while you’re lovingly gazing down at them. From sleepy feeds to the story time bottles, the bond remains the same and still grows with every feed, no matter how you choose to do that. And guess what… my bottle fed baby survived!!! He survived despite all the concerning worries of not breastfeeding him. He’s clever, funny and healthy and that is all that matters.

If you breastfeed than you are amazing and if you are bottle feeding than you are equally as amazing! Never, ever let anyone make you feel ashamed of the choices that you have made for your baby because after all, I am a huge believer of fed is best! ❤️

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