September 21, 2018

What they don’t tell you about organising a wedding…

So Neil and I (mainly me) are currently organising our wedding. There is genuinely so much more to think about and plan than I could ever have imagined.

You have to fight hard to remember that this day is actually all about you as a couple. Along the way you change the date because this person is on holiday, everyone gives you their ideas and opinions and you forget exactly what it is that you originally wanted. Everyone will have an opinion so stick to your guns and tell them to keep their opinions to their own wedding. Break traditions if you want to because why not?! I certainly won’t be risking damaging my flowers by throwing them at the next woman thinking that catching some flowers will resolve her relationship problems!!😂😂😂

There will always be family politics. Whether it’s a huge family fall out or debating which auntie, uncle or your mums friends you’ve always had to call auntie to invite it becomes a minefield. You think if I invite her then I have to invite them, and soon you’re having a bigger wedding than any of the royal weddings. We have tried so hard to keep it simple mainly because of money. The more guests obviously the greater the cost. We have kept it simple at 52 adults… should have been 50 but typical me forgot to add Neil and I within the numbers!!!

If I never have to make crafts again it’ll be too soon. If you opt for making your own decorations, which may I add is hugely cost saving, then be prepared for trying to motivate yourself in the evenings to spend hours wrapping twine around old pasta jars!! Pintrest will also become your best friend and you’ll find yourself pinning stuff to your boards until 3 in the morning. You also realise that art attack was not as easy as it looked and your ‘craft work’ sometimes looks like something a child could have created in nursery!

You have more to-do lists scattered around the house than you do motivation, so often find with 6 weeks to go you still have 62 unfinished jobs and a whole lot of panic buying to do. If you’re making things yourself, then you don’t have the time luxury of just ordering things last minute so future note-to-self… never decide to make everything myself!!

You’ll never have enough money for everything so stick to a budget!! It’s so easy for a wedding to spiral out of control so make sure you know in your head the maximum you can spend and try to stick to it. It means prioritizing the stuff that’s really important to you and letting the other stuff fall to the wayside. I’ll be writing a big blog post about how to get your dream wedding in a budget after the wedding so keep your eyes peeled for that… (if you’re interested of course!)

You’ll constantly be talking about the wedding. Yep, that’s right, you’ve becoming that person that’s boring the tits off of everyone discussing colour schemes, flower arrangements and how many free drinks is acceptable to provide. As much as you try hard not to talk about it 24/7, it really is inevitable!! Your wedding is one of the biggest things in your life so if people don’t want to listen then I’d politely suggest that they pissed off and refused my free drinks at the wedding.

Once you’ve chosen your wedding songs, you actually become a soppy mess. I was driving along the motorway the other day and the song I’ve chosen to walk down the aisle to came on. Cue lump in the back of the throat and watery eyes. I turned it up and sang along like i was singing some emotional breakup song after one too many drinks!! Everything becomes more emotional, probably due to stress, but you think of everything that will change from practising your new signature, to having the same last name as your baby…(eek i’m so excited about this one!!!)

You realise the people that really matter the most. My wedding has shown me who cares and who really doesn’t! It’s amazing how many people seep out of the woodwork thinking they’re missing out on something. I’ve become a bit ruthless with this wedding because I know who cares and who I care about. Drama, drama, drama has been the Bain of my life with this wedding and I think it’s unbelievably selfish.

Anyway, final note, planning a wedding is bloody stressful. But my main tips are keep it you, focus on the people and things that matter most to you and remember that the wedding is only about you and your partner! I cannot bloody wait till my big day and despite the stress I know it’ll all be worth it! ❤️

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