November 14, 2018

Peggy ‘Pup’Date…

So we have had Peggy for a little over a week and I can say it’s honestly been so much harder than I thought. We knew it wouldn’t be easy but It’s been pretty full on especially with a toddler at the same time. I compare it to feeling like I have twin toddlers so hats off to your twin mamas out there! They wind each other up and then Peggy becomes too excitable and scares Noah, queue the screaming in her face!!! It is literally like a bloody mad house in here. I do feel like I’ve become a mum again to a newborn as I’m constantly checking her breathing while she sleeps and making sure she’s putting on weight at the vets… which luckily she’s put on 300g since being with us. I’m mainly putting that down to the plants, which she absolutely loves attacking and eating!!

I think it’s really important to make sure Noah hasn’t felt left out so have times in the day when Peggy goes in her crate or in the garden, to give Noah some quality time just for him. Peggy gets her peace and quiet time when Noah’s in bed!!! Her crate has been a life saver too as bathing Noah while trying to stop Peggy weeing or pooing everywhere is near on impossible at the moment.

I’m literally always late right now. Mornings are busy and hectic and seem to fly by too quickly. Before I know it, I was meant to have left 10 minutes ago and the dogs still not been fed! I’m sure I’ll get there and it’ll take time adjusting to getting another body sorted! She’s only had her first lot of vaccinations so she can’t go out for walks yet, however she’s been pushed around in the pram living her best life! Although we are all very excited about being able to take her out. I did take Peggy to meet my mum’s border terrier and they got on brilliantly. Maisy did get a bit fed up with her playfulness after a while but it was insanely cute to see them having a snooze together!

Apart from standing in her piss on the floor and a few occasions of ‘find the shit’ in the house, she’s been getting on pretty well! We haven’t left her much as with my shift work, we’re lucky that we are home a lot. If Neil and I are both working all day then Neil’s mum comes over to spend the day with her so it’s all working out nicely!

Its amazing to see her and Noah’s bond developing already, from finding him in her crate with her or falling asleep together on the sofa, they’re both a bloody cute pair. So despite all the hard work, she’s so worth it! ❤️

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