November 23, 2018

What’s in Noah’s Christmas Eve Box…?

So it’s my intention to make Noah a Christmas Eve box every year as a ‘family tradition.’ It all started when Neil and I first started dating and I created him a Christmas Eve box. Unfortunately we drank too much that year and he didn’t even remember receiving the box but hey, let’s hope Noah isn’t like that haha! Here’s the products I’ve added to his box and where I bought them from. To me, a Christmas Eve box should be a cosy night in a box!

1. These Christmas PJs are from Primark which includes a cute reindeer cuddly toy. Cost £9 which was a bargain considering it comes in a little gift box!

2. Christmas movies!! I really wanted to buy Noah The Grinch this year because I loved watching it when I was young… can you believe it’s been out for 18 years?! Anyway I found this box set of three movies for an amazing price of £4.95. Especially handy as Netflix only have Despicable me 2 so I’ve watched that around 600 times! Here’s the link…

3. Christmas books! The works is absolutely amazing for cheap book, crafts and toys this year. The two books above were in the 3 for £5 deal! Can’t go wrong! Noah loves reading so I can’t wait to snuggle down with these before Santa arrives!

4. Christmas crafts. For the first time (apart from maternity leave) I’ve actually got Christmas Eve off!! After working for years in retail and now in a children’s home, Christmas Eve has been near on impossible to get off. This year I have and I am SO excited to sing Christmas songs all day while making Christmas crafts with my boy! Once again, the works has come out on top with lots of crafts bits for only £1 each. I’ve opted for the snowman Pom Pom’s, water colouring and colour in your own Christmas bag!

5. Next up is hot chocolate, for what is a cosy night in without a warm mug of chocolate?! These cones can be bought from various people on eBay or local selling sites like Facebay.

6. Finally the Christmas Eve box was, can you guess?! The works again! This box came in at £5 which isn’t too bad considering the size! It’s all collapsible so can be used year after year.

Anyway, that’s Noah’s Christmas Eve box this year! I cannot wait for it to come around and to see his face! Hope this has given anyone some ideas of what to include in their own little ones boxes. Have you made one for your kids? Would love to know what you included in it…

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