December 11, 2018

My Christmas Gift Guide for a 2 year old…

This year will be the last year before Noah becomes really aware of Christmas so we decided we wanted to try and keep Christmas fairly cheap after a VERY expensive year! We set a budget of £100 for Noah and I am SO happy with everything I have bought… roll on Christmas Day! Anyway I thought I’d write up about Noah’s gifts for any last minute ideas to help anyone struggling out there. I did mainly do a huge amazon order as I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle and busyness of town. Please note some of the toys are aged older than Noah’s age however he’s always supervised and all that legal stuff! 😂

1. His microphone stand. Noah absolutely loves to sing and dance especially if baby shark or Jolene are on. So this year he’s got his very own microphone for his performances! You can connect your phone and it even claps and applauds after your performance. This will go down a treat I’m sure although I’m 100% sure it’ll be irritating the hell out of my hungover self after one too many proseccos on Christmas Eve! Purchased from AMAZON for £19.96.

2. A Henry cleaning set. Noah absolutely loves helping me clean as is always getting involved with the dusting and hoovering so I thought this would be perfect for him. Not only does he get the enjoyment of cleaning up but I get the added bonus of a live in cleaner. Training him young as they say! Bought from AMAZON for £10.90.

3. Activities to keep him busy. Noah loves crafts when I can actually be bothered with the mess of getting it all out so this paint your own dinosaur will be perfect for a rainy day. It included an activity book, model dinosaur and painting set! He’s obsessed with everything dinosaur so I’m sure he’ll love this. The works had an offer on selected gifts for 2 for £10 so I also got this bottom matching activity game as he loves his animals! Bought from The Works for £10.

4. Book, books and more books! Noah is a complete and utter book worm…thankfully!! So I know he’ll be over the moon with all these books for us to read at bedtime. He’s always asking for just one more before bed… 😍! These books were a bargain bought from The Works for 10 for £10!!! I also got a few classics from my childhood from Amazon.

5. Minion bits!!! Noah is minion mad and I may have watched the films around a 1000 times so I couldn’t not buy him a few minion bits. I’ve got him a new electric toothbrush to encourage him to clean them longer and pop up minions to keep us busy if he can keep still long enough! I bought this bits from Amazon for £10.25 for the game and £3.85 for the toothbrush.

6. Finally I got him a couple of stocking fillers including a doctors kit for his baby doll… which may I add he’s called ‘Enzo’ and adores him! He’s also got a threading activity to help his hand eye coordination! These were both under £10 from Asda. The dinosaurs were from Amazon for under a fiver too!!

So those are Noah’s Christmas presents! Hope that’s helped if anyone is struggling! Only a couple of weeks to go and I think I’m more excited than he is!!!

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