May 14, 2019

My second trimester…

We made it to the third trimester!!! Eek… on the home straight now baby!!

Everyone keeps saying how quickly it’s going but it really isn’t for me! I wish it was as I am SO excited to meet this baby and find out who they are. I am especially excited to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl as I honestly have no clue! Baby is now the size of a cabbage and weighs around 2 pounds although I swear it feels WAY heavier than that!! The last week we have really tried to get more organised and have nearly bought everything now. I bottle fed with Noah and intend to do the same with this baby, as we really enjoyed our bottle feeding journey and it just seemed to work well for our family. 

I’ve had to give up going to the gym, which has been so frustrating as the weight is slowly creeping on now. I unfortunately have an umbilical cord hernia, which at times can be so painful! It mainly plays up when I’ve done too much that day and reminds me to give myself a break. My midwife isn’t concerned about it and I just have to keep an eye on it. Hopefully it’ll heal once the baby has been born! My current weight gain is 1st 10lb so more than I’d like but I know it’ll be easy enough to lose post partum! 

My main symptoms at the moment include needing to wee every half hour, lots of pressure on my hips, nausea especially in the evenings and exhaustion. I’m trying so hard to not constantly moan about how I’m feeling as I know I’m unbelievably lucky to be pregnant but I won’t sugarcoat it… this pregnancy is tough!!! Noah’s two and a half now so he can be difficult at times and I struggle with trying to get everything done some days. 

I’ve got another 5 and a bit weeks left until maternity leave… hooray!!! I’m finishing at 33 weeks this time around because I have to use my 5 weeks annual leave and then proper maternity pay will start at 38 weeks when I have my first sweep! 

So here’s to the third and final trimester! There were so many times throughout early pregnancy that I never thought we would get to this point so I’m feeling so grateful! I cannot wait for the final piece of our family to arrive! (And also to be able to drink gin again… 😂)

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