June 19, 2019

Our baby keeping us on our toes…

This pregnancy has been far from a breeze but of course I’d do it again in a heartbeat if it means being able to grow this baby and soon enough have them in my arms. One thing I really seem to struggle with during pregnancy is the pressure of carrying this baby. I feel very responsible for keeping them safe and aware that I am the only person that knows if something is wrong. On Thursday evening, I started having a constant back ache which I just put down to overdoing it at work or with Noah. I’ve been pretty run down recently after Noah being so poorly so I think I just shrugged it off. I went to work on Friday and I began having bad stomach pains that I can only describe the feeling as the worst trapped wind pain I’ve ever had. Nothing seemed to help despite taking paracetamol, rennies, settlers etc! I actually found it difficult to get through the day and couldn’t fit a comfortable position to either sit or stand in. 

I went home and chilled on the sofa seeing if a hot water bottle and a good nights sleep would help. The next day, I was still suffering! We were going around my mum’s for a Father’s Day buffet so I just powered on and tried to get on with the day. The pain was constant, didn’t seem to ease and at times had me in actual tears so I decided to give the maternity assessment unit a call. After describing my symptoms to them, they asked me to come in for monitoring. Neil and I went into hospital, leaving Noah with my sister, and they did the normal tests and checks on the baby. Baby was absolutely fine, kicking away like crazy as always! I don’t think you ever get bored of your precious babies heartbeat thumping away! 

My blood pressure appeared high and my pulse rate was sky high, which I could only assume was because I’d been in pain for days. They took the normal bloods and urine sample and worryingly asked me if I hadn’t eaten or drunk today as my urine sample showed signs of severe hydration. I was completely confused as I’d eaten and drunk all day. They decided I’d need a drip to get my fluids back up and wanted to send my urine and blood samples away for more thorough testing after certain markers revealed an infection within my body. 

They also discovered that my bump had only grown 1cm within 4 weeks so I needed to be sent for an urgent growth scan as I was now measuring 4 weeks behind. They decided to send me home to rest as I’d be having my scan the next day and had to return to the maternity assessment unit afterwards. The pain was completely unexplained unfortunately, which of course I’m happy that the baby was fine, but it’s frustrating not having an answers or solutions for the pain. 

The growth scan showed that the baby was growing beautifully and currently weighs a healthy 4lb 5oz… god knows how big they’ll be with another 6-10 weeks of growing! There was thankfully no issues with the placenta and they were happy to discharge me and just keep an eye on things. I am still in pain which they’ve put down to muscular strain from doing too much but I am beyond happy that our perfect baby is safe and thriving. They’re definitely keeping us on our toes!!! Only another 3 weeks ‘til our next scan and I just can’t get enough of him or her! 

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