June 24, 2019

My maternity leave plans…

So 10 months off… here I come. It feels so odd to think that when I return to work I’ll be the mummy of two children! I think it’ll take a while to get used to maternity leave as after being on a countdown for months, I already feel somewhat restless. I know by the time the baby comes, I won’t have time to even think about being restless, but there’s always an odd sort of lull before they arrive. It probably feels even more strange because I have finished so early. I had my year’s worth of annual leave to take so had to finish at 33 weeks pregnant to ensure my holiday was used up before the start of my first sweep, just in case it works at evicting this baby! It feels like life is going from a million miles an hour but I am so grateful to have this baby with my babies.

So until the baby makes their appearance, i’m going to keep myself busy with lots of plans to enjoy this last chunk of my pregnancy. So my to do list includes:

Spending quality time with Noah… I can’t quite believe that in 5-9 weeks, it won’t just be me and Noah anymore. I feel a bit sad that our Paultons afternoons or lunch dates for two, won’t just be a given. The last 2 and half years, I have gotten so used to it just being me and my best buddy that I’m determined to enjoy every second left we have together before his brother or sister arrives. This means impromptu picnics, days at the beach and ice cream for lunch and reinforcing that he’ll always be Mummy’s special boy!

Nesting… of course! I mean are you even on maternity leave if you don’t go on a crazy mission to clean your whole house? The house is always my last priority while I’m working as when I have time off, spending time with Noah is my priority. I have plans to comb through my house, room by room, deep cleaning and decluttering. This ‘should’ hopefully mean it’ll be easier to keep on top of post baby.

Blogging… I absolutely love how much of this pregnancy journey I have documented and can’t wait to look back on it in years to come. I am so happy that I have some more time to focus on it as it can be so frustrating when you have so many writing ideas and no time to actually sit down and get on with it. So here’s to lots more opportunities to blog over the next 10 months!!

Taking better care of myself… This includes so many different elements. I have definitely been burning myself out recently with working full time shift work, looking after a wild toddler and a pretty rough pregnancy, so I am looking forward to slowing life down. I am hoping to get back on top of my eating as a busy life has meant convenience eating… which means crap basically. Now I’m home more, I’m going to try and get back into slimming world to give myself a head start before the ‘losing the baby weight’ phase. I am also aiming on increasing my exercise again by walking the dog every day and trying to complete my yoga sessions 2/3 times a week. I also think emotionally, this downtime will give me a much needed break to recharge my battery before the baby arrives.

Finally, working on my tan!!! I literally haven’t had a summer off since being at school so excuse me while i just sit out in the garden with a lemonade and a book enjoying the sunshine. I mean, if I don’t look like this by the end of the summer, I’ll be disappointed!!! 😉 Plus once the baby is here, i’ll be enjoying a Gin or two in the garden!

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