July 15, 2019

What’s in my hospital bag?

I think for every pregnant woman, the thing we tend to worry about is our hospital bag. Have I packed the right things? Have I packed enough? Have I forgotten anything? These are just a few of the questions I know I’ve asked myself. It’s funny because you’d think second time around, I’d at least have some clue! What I do remember about Noah’s hospital bag was the excessive amount I packed. I packed so much including basically a weekly food shop and my labour turned out to be a fairly quick labour that needed a quarter of the amount of stuff I’d actually packed. Obviously every labour is different so it’s good to be prepared but it’s also hard to predict certain factors such as length of labour and duration of stay. It’s reassuring to know that I’m just down the road from the hospital and if I forget something or need more then I can ask someone to bring it up for me. With this in mind, I’ve included a check list of everything I’ve included in my hospital bag below. 

The babies bag: 

Clothes: This is a tricky one because who actually knows what size they’ll be?! Noah was 9lb and did not fit into any newborn clothes. He went straight into up to a month clothes but I’m very aware this baby could be different so I’ve packed… 

1 x newborn sleepsuit (just in case I don’t birth a small elephant!) 

2 x up-to-a-month outfits 

1 x 0-3 month sleepsuit just in case this baby top trumps their big brother! 

1 x cardigan in case it’s a bit chilly because let’s be honest you can never trust a british summer. 

2 x up-to-a-month hats

3 x feeding bibs 

3 x muslins 

1 pair of scratch mittens. 

TOP TIP: put their first outfit and a nappy in a sandwich bag clearly labelled so Dad knows what to put the baby in!

I’ve also packed all the other baby essentials including: nappies, dummies, water wipes, cotton wool, nappy bags (also good to store dirty clothing) and premade aptamil formula bottles as I’m intending on bottle feeding. I’ve packed all babies essentials in a separate bag so that it’s all easy for Neil to find. We also have the car seat ready and waiting in the car! 

Food: keeping it simple this time because there’s food so easily available locally but obviously I’d stock up more if for instance we were having a planned induction as that can be a long process. I’ve simply packed: 

4 x lucozade sport and straws for Neil to force me to drink. 

3 x granola bars which are perfect for energy and 2 x pots of ready made jelly. All easy things that Neil can encourage me to eat during labour. During my labour with Noah, I didn’t drink at all which resulted in me becoming severely dehydrated and needed to be on a drip post delivery so hoping that the straws mean Neil simply forces me to sip during surges. 

My hospital bag includes the following:

2 x pjs (1 x nightie and 1 x top and bottom.) 

1 x loose t-shirt dress to come home in.

1 x pair of flip flops.

1 x light cotton dressing gown. 

3 x big granny pants.

1 x pack of maternity pads.

1 x maternity bra. 

6 x breast pads.

1 x Spritz for Bitz (never had this with Noah but I have heard such good things!) 

Toiletries including: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, make up wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste. 

Hairbands and Clips

1 x bikini top as I’m aiming for a water birth. 

1 x charger. 

1 x aromatherapy spray that I’ve used as part of my hypnobirthing course. 

Plastic bags… ideal for dirty or wet washing from the birth!

Maternity notes!!! (So obvious but so easily forgotten!) 

I’ve also packed a few bits for Neil including a spare t-shirt in case he gets wet etc, some deodorant, a toothbrush and some loose change for parking and drinks machine. 

So that’s about it really. Is there anything you can think I’ve forgotten? Or anything useful you remember packing? Would love to know! Now it’s all packed and ready to go… time to eagerly await their impending arrival!!! 

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