October 18, 2019

My Newborn Baby Essentials…

Ok so Chester’s nearly 10 weeks and definitely not considered a ‘newborn’ anymore… but better late than never ey?! I’m no parent expert and I completely get that different products work for different families but there have been certain baby essentials that I honestly could not have lived without in our first couple of months of Chester. 

1.Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine. RRP £70. If you’re bottle-feeding (or combi feeding) then this product will honestly be your best friend. No more standing about in the cold kitchen for 15 minutes at night while the baby screams the place down. This machine dispenses a perfect temperature bottle within minutes and stops Chester waking his big brother up during the night feeds because babies don’t give you much warning when they’re hungry do they?! Asleep to starving to death in 0.8 seconds! 

2. The Sleepyhead. RRP £130. The sleepyhead is a sleeping pod which uses fully breathable material for a safe sleep. It makes the baby feel secure and safe which is perfect for babies that aren’t a fan of being put down like Chester. It’s expensive and changing the cover is the biggest pain in the arse since giving birth but we’ve used it with both our boys and we put it down as a good reason for them both sleeping well… (as good as a newborn can!) They’re also really handy for daytime nights and I can leave Chester on the sofa in his knowing he can’t roll off. 

3. A baby carrier. Any brand but I’d definitely suggest in terms of carriers, you get what you pay for and they really are an investment unless you want your back to be suffering. I was kindly lent a Baby Bjorn Mini by a friend and it’s honestly been a lifesaver. Perfect for days when the baby refuses to be put down, you can carry on with housework, washing bottles and playing with your other children whilst wearing them. We also have a dog, so the carrier is great for dog walks as we often struggle to take the pram on most routes. 

4. Muslins. Lots and lots of muslins. Because you will be puked on… A LOT!!!! I often think you can never have too many muslins and it saves the pressure of doing your washing while you’re recovering if you’ve got lots of standby. 

5. Snuza Breathing Monitor. RRP £69.95 on Amazon. We were kindly gifted this product and it’s been very well used especially since Chester’s accident. This product is the first portable baby breathing device. It clips onto their nappy and monitors their breathing. It will alert us if he takes less than 8 breaths a minute or hasn’t taken a breath in 20 seconds. It also will try to rouse the baby through a vibration if they haven’t taken a breath in 15 seconds. For a lot of anxious parents, this device is amazing for some peace of mind. We used a Tommee Tippee sensor mat for Noah but due to him sleeping in his sleepyhead, it would often give us false alarms, which left us terrified. This product isn’t affected by Chester sleeping in his sleepyhead. *GIFTED*

6. Backpack changing bag. I remember with Noah, I had a lovely little clip on to my pram matching changing bag. It was really cute but so impractical. A backpack changing bag is a complete game changer especially when you have more than one child. Just chuck it on your back and you’re hands free to juggle the car seat and toddler. I got mine off amazon but you can find them everywhere including on the high street. 

So those are my favourite baby products that we’ve been using and they’ve really helped my journey become a lot smoother. What are your newborn Essentials? Is there anything you bought that you wish you hadn’t bothered? 

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