November 15, 2019

Our Baby Casting Experience at ‘Laura’s Treasured Prints…’

When Chester was a week old we were kindly gifted a baby casting experience by Laura from Laura’s Treasured Prints. We hadn’t done anything like this first time around with Noah so didn’t quite know what to expect but I am so glad we did it. The thing I’ve become more aware of since becoming a mum for the second time is how quickly they grow up. It doesn’t feel like 5 minutes ago that Noah was a baby and now suddenly his hand and feet look giant compared to his baby brother’s.

The baby casting is at Laura’s home studio in Shirley, Southampton. She was warm, welcoming and friendly, explaining the process to us fully before we started. She reassured us that all sessions were done at the baby’s pace so we could stop if needed to change, feed or cuddle him, which we did have to do at one point when he decided to eat some of the mould!!! I was so worried that he would wriggle and it would ruin the casts but Laura was confident that it would have no effect on the castings.

Each casting took a couple of minutes and Laura was very thorough and meticulous, taking duplicate moulds to ensure they were perfect. It was a quick and easy process with me just having to hold Chester while Laura took turns putting his hands and feet into the warm liquid that would create the mould. We took Noah with us and he absolutely loved watching it all happen. Laura even gave him some animal figures to take home and paint, which was such a lovely gesture! The overall experience only took around 45 minutes, we did get a little messy so I’d definitely advise not to wear your best clothes!

Laura then takes some time painting them in your chosen colour. There are several options for colours and you can also choose to have them added onto bespoke frames which are all gorgeous. We got our casts back within 8 weeks as they need plenty of time to dry out before being painted. Laura offers a variety of services including: 3D baby casting, 2D hand or footprint, jewellery, body casts and more. I am so pleased that we have had Chester’s castings done because they are so precious and the most beautiful keepsake to remind us in years to come just how small those hands and feet once were.

Below are the links to Laura’s website and social media so you can see more of her beautiful work…

*This experience was gifted, although as always, all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t post about something I didn’t genuinely love*

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