February 11, 2020

6 Months Baby Update…

6 months, 26 weeks or half a year!!! Nope, it’s not possible that Chester is half way to one. I wish that I could get time to slow down as my anxiety around retuning to work is really beginning to escalate. Since Noah’s started preschool I’ve really started to soak in and cherish my alone moments with Chester. The sofa snuggles, joint naps and one on one playtime. It’s no secret, it’s not been the easiest journey for us and so because of this, I feel like I’ve recently only just been starting to get in the swing of it and enjoy it. Chester has become a lot easier and happier as time has passed. I started weaning him at 5 months under a dieticians advice and since then he’s seemed more content. He loves to shout and be held nearly constantly, hates his jumperoo and is constantly sick… I don’t think I’ve ever done quite so much washing.

Feeding: Chester now has 3 bottles of 8oz milk and 2 meals. I am doing a mixture of baby led weaning and purées, which seems to be going well. He’s learning to put food in his mouth well, however is quite often sick through choking which is why I like giving him purées so I know he’s eaten. I will begin giving a finger food-based lunch within the next couple of weeks as he’s currently only having breakfast and dinner with a bottle at lunchtime. He’s still sitting on the 25th percentile for his weight weighing in at 16lb 0oz. We have also discovered that along with his cows milk protein allergy, he’s also allergic to coconut. He’s tried lots of fruit and veg, eggs, pancakes, soya products and good old shop-bought snacks!

Sleep: We recently had a bit of a sleep blip where he was ill and teething and god, that was tough. Thankfully he’s gone back to sleeping through the night, typically 7pm till 7am. We have just moved him into Noah’s room which was surprisingly easier than first thought. It’s so beautiful hearing Noah singing to him or climbing into bed cuddling him. Please carry on sleeping baby boy!

Milestones: I’ll be honest, he’s quite a lazy baby. I’m not sure if it’s because why bother when you’ve got an older sibling to get everything for you? He can roll both ways but chooses not to. He can’t sit up, which in a way makes life easier. It’s hard not to compare when you have an older child as by now, Noah was crawling. Although I’m desperate not to wish time away as having Noah has made me realise how time flashes by. He has 2 teeth on the bottom, barely any hair and still wears 3-6 month clothes.

Loves: Chester absolutely adores Noah and the dog. Noah always makes hi smile and laugh from singing and tickling him. He’s obsessed with laying with the dog, stroking her and she’s just as besotted with him. He sleeps on his play mat when’s he’s in bed and always lays next to him when he’s crying. Chester is a total mummy’s boy and often tracks the room for me if someone else is holding him. He loves mummy cuddles and snuggling up in bed with me. He loves being in the pram and sleeping in the car.

Chester, you are so loved! You’re hard work but more than worth it. Seeing your face light up is enough to make my heart throb. Here’s to the next 6 months…although i’d like those to go slower please.

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