February 12, 2020

Letting go and NOT letting yourself go…

Before I had kids and even after Noah, I really cared about how I looked. I liked doing my hair and making sure my makeup was done everyday. I planned outfits and aimlessly scrolled through numerous online shops. I’ve felt like recently I’ve totally let myself go and have such a negative opinion of myself. I live mainly in gym leggings and wellies, covered in mud and sick. My hair is never down as the baby rips half of it out and I’m lucky if I manage to put a quick bit of mascara on. Makes me doubt myself… am I enough?! Is my husband still attracted to me?! Will I ever feel like myself again?! Of course, there are more important things now I’m busy with the kids but I also feel like it’s trying to find the balance. 

I guess I’m trying to change my mindset from ‘letting myself go’ to ‘letting go.’ Letting go of the insecurities, hang up and internal demons. Realising that there are more important things than how you look, like how you feel. Appreciating those 5 extra minutes having breakfast together instead of doing my makeup. But yesterday, I was treated to a hair makeover by Rebecca H Salons. It was so lovely to have some time away. Coffee and biscuits in peace, uninterrupted adult conversation and time away for just me.

My hair before…

The salon is situated in Bedford Place, Southampton. It is absolutely beautiful, fresh, clean and bright. The staff were all so warm and welcoming, with nothing feeling like too much trouble. I felt quite nervous about having such a big change but after trawling through their instagram and coming in for my hair consultation prior to my appointment, I knew I was in good hands. I had a lot of bleach still in my hair from previous highlights and I loved the fact Fran, the colour technician, was truthful about needing to use a slightly different colour to the picture I showed her so it was right for my hair.

I decided to go for a copper colour… embracing the natural ginge in me. It’s ironic that when you’re younger you try so hard to come away from your natural colour and then when you’re adult, you pay money to get back to it! The colour came out beautifully and I love it more than I thought I would… thank you Fran, you hair goddess. Becky, the salon owner, cut my hair and one of the aspects that first drew me to this salon was their precision cutting. I adore blunt cuts and Becky was meticulous throughout, achieving exactly the look I wanted. The cut was simply stunning!

I love supporting local, independent businesses and would choose a salon like this any day over chain salons. The service is much more personal and I felt really valued and let’s be honest that’s how everyone wants to feel. If you’re local to Southampton then I’d definitely recommend Rebecca H Salons and if you say you’ve been referred through me, you’ll receive 30% off Tuesday to Friday. I’ll link their social media below… Thank you again, I felt like a bloody queen walking out!

*My experience was gifted although all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t promote something I wouldn’t personally spend my own money on. *




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