Meet The Gang

So who am I? I am Ch3rnice, I’m 25 years old and I live in Southampton with my husband and our little boys.  I’m a mother, wife, full time shift worker, gym goer, foodie, friend and general crazy lady trying to keep my shit together and failing miserably quite a lot of the time! Luckily I’m helped along the way by gin, wine, prosecco, vodka and pretty much anything that consists of a percentage of alcohol!! I’ve been blogging since June 2018 and am looking forward to having more time to write now I’m on maternity leave… because you know i’m sure I’ll have loads of free time!!!

I’m married to my absolute pain in the arse husband, Neil! He’s like a hermit crab that can often be found at home, on the sofa, reading up football statistic.. yawn! In typical man style, he irritates the hell out of me but couldn’t ask for anyone better to join this unexpected journey of parenting with.

Next up is our little man, Noah, who my posts and rants will mainly be about. He’s three and the most feisty and opinionated dude I’ve ever known… just not sure where he gets it from!!! He can often be found watching Peppa Pig for hours, continuously eating and running around shouting ‘bootball’. Hilarious, cheeky and mischievous are just a few polite words to describe him… however the reality of life is around 56258 tantrums a day!
Chester is the newest addition to the Thompson household. He was born in August and has certainly been keeping us busy. Grumpy, smelly but simply gorgeous and we wouldn’t be without him!

Finally… when you don’t have your hands full enough then simply add more stress by getting a dog. Peggy is our one year old border terrier that likes everything food related, enjoys rolling in mud and chewing up Noah’s toys. It’s like having two toddler!!